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Archives du mois de September 2017

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- 09 -152017

Animals and war, episode 10: The tiger

The French captured this flag adorned with a white tiger during the Tonkin War in 1885, along with eight other flags. It is hanging from one of the cornices of the Saint-Louis-des-Invalides Cathedral. At the […]

- 09 -112017

Animals and war, episode 9: Insects

The 1917 issue n°18 of the French trench newspaper Ver luisant (“The Glow-Worm”), tells the story of the war through the eyes of a louse. The louse is represented sitting on a man’s head, writing […]

- 09 -062017

Animals and war, episode 8: The Elephant

« De l’exercice de la sixiesme classe, asçavoir de batailler avec des Élephants ». The above reproduction of the war-elephant is taken from La Milice Romaine avec la traduction de Flave Vegece en langue Françoise […]

- 09 -012017

Animals and war, episode 7: The Mule

Origines de l’artillerie française, planches autographiées d’après les monuments du XIVe et du XVe siècle avec introduction, table et texte descriptif by Lorédan Larchey, published in Paris in 1863. The facsimile plate shows an Italian […]

4 results