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Archives du mois de February 2017

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- 02 -242017

Lafayette, We Are Here! : episode 4

American Volunteers American Charitable Work Mobilization started as early as 1914 As early as August 1914, Americans enthusiastically participated in the implementation of relief programs for managing donations, setting up sanitary structures and providing humanitarian […]

- 02 -212017

“France-Germany 1870-1871. War, Commune and Memories” : 13 April – 30 July 2017

Overshadowed as it is by the two World Wars, the war between France and Germany from 1870 to 1871 is a topic many French and German people are not familiar with, even though it represents […]

- 02 -202017

Lafayette, We Are Here! : episode 3

American Volunteers The United States in August 1914 On 4 August 1914, as the great European powers took up arms against one another, it was quite clear that American public opinion favoured neutrality and non-intervention. […]

- 02 -152017

Lafayette, We Are Here! : episode 2

Independence of the United States The Marquis de Lafayette in America In 1777, the Marquis de Lafayette (1757-1834) then aged 20, sailed to America on his own funds without the consent of King Louis XVI. […]

- 02 -102017

Lafayette, We Are Here! : episode 1

The Independence of the United States. La guerre d’Indépendance américaine (1775-1783) LaThe signature of the Treaty of Paris on 10 February 1763 between the kingdoms of Great Britain, Prussia on one side and France, Austria, […]

- 02 -092017

Lafayette, We Are Here! : introduction

As part of the Commemorations of the Centenary of the Great War and the commemorative events held in 2017, the musée de l’Armée presents a documentary-exhibition on the entry of the United States of America […]

6 résultats