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- 10 -162017

Animals and war, episode 17 : The Cow and The Bull

Camouflage is the art of concealment and deception. The French Army became the first to establish a Camouflage Section in February 1915 in order create visual deception and protect soldiers and equipment from observation by […]

- 10 -112017

Animals and war, episode 16: The Roach

1916 issue n°10 of the French trench newspaper Ver luisant (“The Glow-Worm”). © Paris, musée de l’Armée A soldier of the 117th Infantry Regiment with his dog painted by Georges Bertin Scott (1873-1942).  This infantryman […]

- 10 -062017

Animaux and war, episode 15 : The pigeon

Homing Pigeon « Le Gambetta ». Oil on canvas by C. Ducoin, ca 1890. A handwritten inscription on the upper left corner of this painting reads as follow: “1870 – It is on October 7, […]

- 10 -022017

Animals and war, episode 13 : The dog

Dog collar made ca. 1772, on which the names of the owner, an officer, and his regiment are engraved. The quality of the craftsmanship on this collar shows that the officer was very fond of […]

- 09 -112017

Animals and war, episode 9: Insects

The 1917 issue n°18 of the French trench newspaper Ver luisant (“The Glow-Worm”), tells the story of the war through the eyes of a louse. The louse is represented sitting on a man’s head, writing […]

- 05 -092017

La Fayette, We Are Here! : episode 21

The Duty of Remembrance Honouring Our Fallen from WWI At the request of General John Pershing, the American Battle Monuments Commission (ABMC) was established by Congress in 1923. As guardian America’s overseas commemorative cemeteries and […]

- 05 -042017

Lafayette, We Are Here! : episode 20

Post War Reconstruction A Difficult Economic Restructuring In 1920-1921, the United States went through a deflationary recession partly due to the necessity to adjust from wartime to peacetime economy and deal with a tighter monetary […]

- 04 -282017

Lafayette, We Are Here! : episode 19

The Great War is Over ! The Armistice of 11 Novembre 1918 Marshal Foch received the German delegation on 8 November 1918 and handed over the Allied Armistice Terms. The German answer was expected on […]

- 04 -242017

Lafayette, We Are Here! : episode 18

The Victories of the A.E.F. The United States Military Interventions on the Western Front Prior to General Pershing deploying a full field army, U.S. Divisions of the A.E.F. served alongside the French and the British […]

- 04 -202017

Lafayette, We Are Here! : episode 17

Armaments In 1917 When the war broke out, the U.S. Infantry and Marine Units of the A.E.F. were equipped with the standard rifle Model 1903 Springfield inspired from the M1893 Mauser used by the Spanish […]

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