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- 08 -082017


Animals and war, episode 1: Human-animal

Lead figurines made in the eighties from the Loriot Collection of a signifier and two cornicines of the Roman army. The signifier was a non-commissioned officer whose role was to carry a signum, a visual […]

- 08 -032017


Animals and war, episode 0: presentation

17th century engraving by Jean Theodore de Bry the Younger (1561-1623) depicting a procession. For a very long time, a great number of animals served different functions in the field. The military convoy is composed […]

- 07 -112017


The musée de l’Armée and the Hotel des Invalides will be closed on July 13. This is an exceptional closure.

The musée de l’Armée and the Hotel national des Invalides will be closed to the public on July 13, owing to an exceptional event. We look forward to welcoming you on July 14, at 10 […]