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- 05 -032018


The show of the Napoleonic army

Sunday 6th May, come and watch our show of the Napoleonic army: combat formations, review of troops, changing of the imperial guard in music. Also enjoy a tour of the exhibition Napoleon the Strategist or […]

- 05 -012018


« A dedicated life », episode 26: The 118 Companions of the Liberation in the Great War

Taken as a whole, the 118 future Companions of the Liberation who fought in the Great War exhibit truly spectacular characteristics in at least two areas. Firstly, the very high rate of volunteers, 40% compared […]

- 04 -262018


« A dedicated life », episode 25: 501st Tank Regiment

Companion of the Liberation – Decree of 7 August 1945 The first tank offensive in history took place on 16 April 1917, in the first hours of the Battle of the Chemin des Dames. The […]