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- 10 -092018


« 1918, armistice(s) », episode 19

In February 1919, the newspaper Excelsior provides, on its cover, a user manual showing the stages of démobilisation. © Paris, musée de l’Armée In Colmar, French troops march in Rapp Square. “What a hotchpot demobilisation […]

- 10 -022018


« 1918, armistice(s) », episode 18

Located on the Rhine, the bridge connecting Kiehl to Strasbourg is represented on the French side, guarded by machine guns laid on the ground and sentinels dressed in “horizon blue” and donning the Adrian helmet […]

- 09 -272018


« 1918, armistice(s) », episode 17

British troops entered the German town of Eupen (now in Belgium) on 1 December 1918. A summarily-fashioned Arch of Triumph was erected at the entrance to the city. The houses were not decked in flags, […]