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- 08 -162018


« 1918, armistice(s) », episode 6

Cover of French newspaper Excelsior 14 October 1918. The retouched photograph shows Andrei Liaptchev, the Minister of Finance of the Kingdom of Bulgaria, looking sullen as he travelled by car to General Franchet d’Esperey’s home […]

- 08 -142018


« 1918, armistice(s) », episode 5

The American artillery and cavalry contributed to the success of the operations helped dismantle the Saint-Mihiel salient. These photographs from Le Miroir show: 1- a tank in action; 2- tanks coming in to replenish their […]

- 08 -092018


« 1918, armistice(s) », episode 4

French Adrian helmet worn by Romanian soldiers presented in the rooms of the Musée de l’Armée. An agreement signed with the Allies in 1916 provided that France equip the Romanian army with modern equipment such […]