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- 03 -042019

“Picasso and War”: 5 April to 28 July 2019

Picasso’s entire life (1881–1973) was marked by major conflicts, from the Cuban War of Independence to the Vietnam War, which came to an end two years after his death. The exhibition, organised by the Musée […]

- 01 -302018

« A dedicated life »: introduction

As heroes of the Second World War, the Companions of the Liberation were awarded the highest French decoration by General de Gaulle for their part in the Resistance between 1940 and 1945: the Cross of […]

- 11 -182016

Rouget de Lisle & La Marseillaise : episode 20

Mockery & cetera Following its creation in 1792, the song written by Rouget de Lisle was translated into several languages, cited, spoofed and even misused. The French People along with some foreigners appropriated La Marseillaise, […]

- 10 -192016

Rouget de Lisle & La Marseillaise : episode 17

Translation de cendres Although translations differ from burials, they have similar aspects. During a translation, the body of the defunct buried in a cemetery is exhumed and the remains also referred to in French as […]

- 08 -122016

Rouget de Lisle & La Marseillaise : episode 7

The July Revolution La Marseillaise was sung during the July Revolution. A portrait realised by French sculptor David d’Anger the preceding year also helped to remember its author. Following his election as lieutenant general of […]

- 08 -082016

Rouget de Lisle & La Marseillaise : episode 6

The « Illustrated » Marseillaise In 1825, Ary Scheffer (1795-1858) painted a picture known as “La Marseilleise”–as spelled on the engraving–well before the two famous and largely reproduced artistic representations on this theme were realised […]

- 07 -292016

Rouget de Lisle & La Marseillaise : episode 4

The Volunteers of 1792 On 8 June 1792, as France was waging war against Austria, Prussia and Hungary, the French Legislative Assembly ordained and enacted that a camp of 20 000 National Guards be created on […]

- 07 -252016

Rouget de Lisle & La Marseillaise : episode 3

            Declaration of War The extreme hostility from the monarchies of Central Europe against revolutionary France led to the declaration of war on 20 April 1792. This declaration was preceded […]

- 07 -222016

Rouget de Lisle & La Marseillaise : episode 2

Military music Either sung or performed, military music has always been present in the armed forces. Destined to encourage the soldiers, music was an integral part of soldiers’ daily routine such as discipline and recreation […]

- 07 -192016

Rouget de Lisle & La Marseillaise : episode 1

In the classroom Claude-Joseph Rouget was born in Lons-le-Saunier (Jura) on 10 May 1760. In order to enter the Military School in Paris, his family was forced to add the nobiliary particle “de Lisle” to […]

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