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- 08 -182017

Animals and war, episode 4: Animal-Food

In the scenes above, we can see two different types of food supply to an army in the field. In the best of circumstances, this food was purchased, as it is the case in the […]

- 08 -142017

Animals and war, episode 3: Animal-material

A leopard skin rug used in the tent of Napoleon I during the Russian Campaign of 1812 © Paris, musée de l’Armée, Dist. RMN-GP / Pascal Segrette Cowhide is used to protect army equipment and […]

- 08 -112017

Animals and war, episode 2: Soldiers’ Best Friend

Crossing the Alps via the Saint Bernard Pass by Louis-François Lejeune (1775-1848). © Paris, musée de l’Armée, Dist. RMN-GP / Émilie Cambier Two pets are visible on this photograph of the First World War; A dog is […]

- 08 -082017

Animals and war, episode 1: Human-animal

Lead figurines made in the eighties from the Loriot Collection of a signifier and two cornicines of the Roman army. The signifier was a non-commissioned officer whose role was to carry a signum, a visual […]

- 08 -032017

Animals and war, episode 0: presentation

17th century engraving by Jean Theodore de Bry the Younger (1561-1623) depicting a procession. For a very long time, a great number of animals served different functions in the field. The military convoy is composed […]

- 02 -212017

“France-Germany 1870-1871. War, Commune and Memories” : 13 April – 30 July 2017

Overshadowed as it is by the two World Wars, the war between France and Germany from 1870 to 1871 is a topic many French and German people are not familiar with, even though it represents […]

- 12 -052016

Rouget de Lisle & La Marseillaise : episode 21

La Marseillaise Today As Chief of the Music of the Republican Guards from 1927 to 1944, Pierre Dupont (1888-1969) adapted the music of the French national anthem to military orchestras taking into account their instrumental […]

- 11 -182016

Rouget de Lisle & La Marseillaise : episode 20

Mockery & cetera Following its creation in 1792, the song written by Rouget de Lisle was translated into several languages, cited, spoofed and even misused. The French People along with some foreigners appropriated La Marseillaise, […]

- 11 -152016

Rouget de Lisle & La Marseillaise : episode 19

During the Second World War Throughout the Second World War, La Marseillaise remained the French national anthem both for the État Français [French State of the Vichy Government] and the French Resistance. Although the anthem […]

- 11 -082016

Rouget de Lisle & La Marseillaise : episode 18

War Bonds Although exceptional credits were voted by the Legislative Assembly in order to finance military operations and war industries in the early stages of the war, very soon France started facing a liquidity crisis. […]

1 - 10 on 153 résults