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Les Invalides during the Great War, first episode : on the Invalides esplanade

On 22 April 1915, General Alfred Galopin (1852-1931), commander of the fortified city of Paris, on horseback in the foreground, reviewed the troops of the Camp retranché de Paris (Paris fortified camp). The soldiers, standing to attention, with fixed bayonets, still wearing the uniforms of the beginning of the war, are recognisable here by their kepis.

MA BA IGG ep1 20140723 155x330 Les Invalides during the Great War, first episode : on the Invalides esplanadeSince the mobilisation in 1914, the Invalides esplanade enables a large number of soldiers to be brought together, in addition to horses, taxis and other motorised vehicles. The ceremonies taking place in the Hôtel des Invalides can be greatly extended over this vast esplanade.

The Paris fortified camp (CRP)

After the siege of Paris and its dramatic consequences during the 1870 war, it was decided that the defences of the capital and its surroundings should be considerably improved. An initial fortified walled enclosure with a perimeter of more than 30 km was built. It was strengthened by a second enclosure 1.5 km to 5 km away, itself backed up by forts.

Military ceremonies

The presentation of decorations and parades ensure cohesion and esprit de corps within the army. They are also used by the military to reassure civilians, while reminding them of the sacrifices made by the army in the service of the homeland.

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