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- 04 -052018

« A dedicated life », episode 19: Raoul Magrin-Vernerey, dit Monclar

Birth: 7 February 1892
Death: 3 June 1964
Companion of the Liberation – Decree of 1st June 1943

Having graduated from Saint-Cyr on the eve of the war, he took part in most of the major battles of the French front with the 60th and 260th Infantry Regiments. The capture of Mulhouse in August 1914; the fighting in Aisne and Ourcq, where he was seriously wounded, the second Battle of Champagne in July 1915; and Verdun in 1916, leaving only to go to the Somme front and the Battle of the Kaiser in 1918, where mustard gas shells burned his eyes: these were all milestones in the exceptional career of this “peerless officer for whom every engagement is an act of brilliance”. Wounded seven times and cited 11 times, at the age of twenty-six he was a leading light of the French infantry.

Despite being classed as 90% incapacitated, he continued his military career and distinguished himself in Norway in 1940, before rallying Free France with the 13th Demi-Brigade of the Foreign Legion, which he commanded. Under the name of Monclar, he fought in Eritrea in early 1941, then after being made a general, led various commandments in Great Britain and then the Levant. In 1962, he was made governor of Les Invalides.

Credits: Raoul Magrin-Vernerey wounded in 1914. © Famille de Raoul Monclar

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