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- 04 -122018

« A dedicated life », episode 21: Adolphe Sicé

Death: 23 December 1885
Birth: 21 March 1957
Companion of the Liberation – Decree of 1st August 1941

When war broke out in Europe, Adolphe Sicé already had experience of fighting in Morocco, where he took part in military operations as a medical adjutant. On the western front, he served brilliantly in the 1st Moroccan Mixed Division. Wounded by shrapnel in June 1915 in Oise, and cited four times, he was assigned to a scientific research mission in Cameroon in 1916. He did not return to France until a few weeks before the armistice.

In June 1940, as Surgeon General, he was made General Director of the Health and Medical Services of French Equatorial Africa, and spontaneously decided to serve General de Gaulle. Instrumental in rallying the colonies to the cause of Free France, he planned the epic journey of the future 2nd Armoured Division from Chad to Tripoli with Colonel Leclerc. He accomplished various missions in Africa and with the Allies, then took change of organising the health service for the Allied Expeditionary Force which was due to land in France. He continued to practise medicine after the war.

Credits: Doctor Adolphe Sicé in November 1916. © Musée de l’ordre de la Libération / Fonds Sicé

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