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- 04 -072015

Two exceptional tanks for the special exhibition “Churchill – de Gaulle” !

Two WWII tanks arrived in the Hotel national des Invalides’ north entrance to mark the opening on 10 April of the special exhibition Churchill-de Gaulle.

Char français B1 Bis "Flandres"

Char britannique Matilda MK IIBritish Infantry Tank Matilda Mark II and French heavy tank Char B1 Bis, both on loan from the musée des Blindés de Saumur, are presently on exhibit on the Hotel’s north entrance. These two tanks, both used in combat during the Battle of France, will be on public display throughout the special exhibition Churchill – de Gaulle until 26 July, 2015.

To see the pictures from the event, check out our Facebook Page dedicated to the special exhibition Churchill – de Gaulle

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