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- 04 -102013

“Dolly zooming on the great Napoleonic epic”, an echo of the “Napoleon and Europe” exhibition. Make your reservations online now.

The great Napoleonic epic has never ceased to inspire filmmakers. This important filmography on the subject includes five selected films which will be shown and commented by specialists and historians during this cycle. Representations and narrative historical approaches centred around the “Napoleon” media phenomenon will be the main focus of discussion during this cycle.

Each session will be facilitated by David Chanteranne, historian and chief editor of the Review Napoléon Ier.

  • Monday, April 8 at 7 pm.

Austerlitz (France, Italy, Yugoslavia and Lichtenstein). A 1960 production directed and written by Abel Gance. 166 mn. Colour. In French.

Starring Pierre Mondy (as Napoleon), Claudia Cardinale (as Pauline Borghese), Martine Carol (as Joséphine de Beauharnais), Vittorio de Sica (as Pope Pie VII) and Jean Marais (as Lazare Carnot).

On May 25, 1802 the French First Consul Bonaparte sizes the opportunity to end hostilities between the new French Republic and the United Kingdom as he signs the Treaty of Amiens amongst widespread jubilation and celebration. Napoleon’s relatives (driven by their personal ambition) and Talleyrand (driven by his own political calculations) induce Napoleon to have himself proclaimed emperor, which he does on December 2, 1915. The hostility displayed by George III, Francis I of Austria and Alexander I of Russia forces Napoleon to start a war much desired by his opponents.

A sweeping cinematographic Napoleonic epic.

  • Tuesday, April 9 at 7 pm. Special guest : Emilie Robbe, curator for this exhibition.

Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World. (GB -Australia). A 2003 production directed by Peter Weir. 128 mn. Colour. In English with French subtitles.

Starring Russell Crowe (as Captain Jack Aubrey), Paul Bettany (as Dr. Stephen Maturin), James D’Arcy (as First Lieutenant Tom Pullings).

May 1805: Captain Jack Aubrey of the HMS Surprise is one of the most brilliant and respected officer of the Royal Navy of the time. Following an attack by French privateer Archeron, HMS Surprise is heavily damaged. Obsessed by his enemy and regardless of the consequences, Captain Jack decides to pursue the privateer… This movie reflects on the qualities which form individuals and raise them above nature.

  • Wednesday, April 10 at 7 pm.

Conquest – Marie Walewska. (USA). A 1937 production directed by Clarence Brown. 113 mn. B&W. In English with French subtitles.

Starring Greta Garbo (as Countess Marie Walewska), Charles Boyer (as Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte), Reginald Owen (as Talleyrand).

Eastern Poland, January 1807: as the palace of Count Walewski and his wife Marie is overrun by plundering Cossacks, Marie’s brother Paul Lachinski takes appropriate action to limit the damage and announces Napoleon’s imminent arrival in Poland. Fascinated by the French Emperor, Countess Marie Walewska travels to Warsaw to attend a ball given by Prince Poniatowski during which she formally meets Napoleon Bonaparte who is immediately taken with her charms … This romantic evocation of the love affair between Napoleon and Countess Marie Walewska is the central plot of a splendid film which pays a faithful homage to this historical period.

  • Saturday, April 13 at 7 pm. Special guest : Countess Colette Tolstoï, president of the Association des Amis de Tolstoï.

War and Peace. (USA-Italy). A 1956 production directed by King Vidor. 208 mn. Colour. In English with French subtitles.

Starring Audrey Hepburn (as Natasha Rostova), Henry Fonda (as Count Pierre Bezukhov), Mel Ferrer (as Prince Andrei Bolkonsky).

1812: following years of victories all throughout Europe, Napoleon’s Grande Armée invades Russia. In Moscow where a lively atmosphere and vibrant social life continue as usual, fresh troops are preparing for war…

This blockbuster Hollywood film directed by of one of Hollywood’s finest directors features a distinguished international cast in lavish costumes.

  • Sunday, April 17 at 7 pm. Special guest : Jean Tulard, Professor emeritus at the University of Paris-Sorbonne and Member of the Institut de France.

Waterloo. (USSR-Italy). A 1970 production directed by Sergei Bondarchuk. 134 mn. Colour. In English with French subtitles.

Starring Rod Steiger (as Emperor Napoleon I), Orson Welles (as King Louis XVIII of France), Christopher Plummer (as Field Marshal Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington).

March 1814: the Coalition army makes its entry into Paris. On April 6, Napoleon who has taken refuge in Fontainebleau is forced to abdicate. Following his poignant farewell to his soldiers, the “Petit Caporal” is exiled to the island of Elba. Ten months later, Napoleon manages to escape from Elba, lands on French mainland and reaches Paris where he reassembles his army as France must once again prepare itself to confront the opposing armies of the powers of the newly formed Seventh Coalition…

With Waterloo, Sergei Bondarchuk offers us one of the finest historical epic and the most spectacular battle scenes ever filmed.

Auditorium Austerlitz

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