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- 03 -132015

Exhibition ” Churchill – De Gaulle “

The countdown is now just 28 days before Churchill – de Gaulle exhibition. In less than one month, the musée de l’Armée will open a new exhibition designed to highlight the cross encounters between two major historical figures of the Twentieth Century: Sir Winston Churchill and General Charles de Gaulle.

As of April 10, we invite you to explore the personal lives of those two remarkable persons, both enemy brothers and allies at the same time, by way of historic objects, archival material, uniforms and audio-visual resources. You can already purchase your tickets in person or online.
Booking for a guided tour of the exhibition is open to the public (minimum billing is set at 20 persons, maximum of 25 people per group)
Single ticket for the ” Churchill – De Gaulle ” exhibition at € 12,9 per person

Buy your ticket
Find out details and book your guided tour of the exhibition online
See a presentation on the exhibition Churchill-de Gaulle

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