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- 09 -172012

Temporary exhibition “Avec armes et bagages… dans un mouchoir de poche”

The Musée de l’Armée presents the exhibition Avec Armes et bagages… dans un mouchoir de poche from October 26, 2012 to February 13, 2013.

Featuring an object both trivial and refined, still unknown to the general public, the colourfully printed textile carré or square also referred to as handkerchief or scarf depending on the occasion and the time, this exhibition tells the surprising story of the everyday life of the French soldier, and beyond that of French society all throughout the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.
The two hundred masterpieces and artifacts on display (historical paintings, drawings, photographs, uniforms and objects from daily life) illustrate the multiple functions of some 60 carrés, from the most modest to the most luxurious, each of them reflecting the spirit of an era and providing a glimpse of French society at a particular time.
Entering into the galleries that host the exhibition, we find ourselves submerged in an exclusive world without walls enhanced by a smooth and fluid scenography. A multimedia presentation combining both images and sound provides a more comprehensive picture to the background of the exhibition.

  • The Chanzy and Pelissier Galleries.
  • Temporary exhibition ticket: € 8.
  • Combined ticket: € 11 (access to the permanent collections and the temporary exhibition).

Free admission for visitors under the age of 18.

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