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- 01 -302018

« A dedicated life »: introduction

As heroes of the Second World War, the Companions of the Liberation were awarded the highest French decoration by General de Gaulle for their part in the Resistance between 1940 and 1945: the Cross of […]

- 09 -152015

In Honour and by Victory, eighteenth episode : the 2nd Colonial Infantry Regiment

Formed in Syria in April 1942, the 2nd Free French Brigade (2e BFL) comprised over 3,000 men, most of them coming from Sub-Saharan Africa. The brigade experienced its first baptism of fire during the Second […]

- 09 -112015

In Honour and by Victory, seventeenth episode : the 2nd March Battalion

The 2nd March Battalion of French Equatorial Africa (BM2) was created at the end of 1940 at Bangui, in Central Africa. The battalion, made up of 800 Africans and French military officers, was one of […]

- 08 -212015

In Honour and by Victory, eleventh episode : № 341 Squadron RAF – Fighter Group 3/2 “Alsace

The Fighter Group 3/2 “Alsace” was formed in Lebanon, in September 1941, to perform ferry flying missions. During the summer of 1942, the squadron took part in the defence of Alexandria, in Egypt. In January […]

- 08 -182015

In Honour and by Victory, tenth episode : № 342 Squadron RAF – Groupe de Bombardement n° 1/20 “Lorraine”

The Groupe réserve de bombardement n°1 (GRB-1) was formed in the French colony of Chad, in November 1940. It provided troop support for Leclerc’s men in the Kufra Oasis in Italian Libya and went on […]

- 08 -142015

In Honour and by Victory, neinth episode : the 13th Foreign Legion Half-Brigade

In June 1940, the 13th Foreign Legion Half-Brigade (13e DBLE) was withdrawn to Great-Britain from Norway along with the remaining troops of the Franco-British Expeditionary force. Over one thousand legionnaires, half of the men serving […]

- 08 -072015

« In Honour and by Victory », seventh episode : the Marching Regiment of Chad

On 26 August 1940, the French colony of Chad and the Senegalese Light Infantry Regiment of Chad (RTST) rallied by the side of Free France. Composed of African “Tirailleurs” (riflemen), the regiment quickly became one […]

7 résultats