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- 05 -222015

Demonstration workshops and commentaries on artifacts in the Department of Ancient Arms and Armour, Saturday, May 23.

Saturday May 23, at 2 pm., we invite you to join us in the Department of Ancient Arms and Armour to attend demonstration workshops (copies) and listen to commentaries on a selection of artifacts.

Logo APPHMCome and meet the members of the APPHM (the Association for the Promotion of Heritage and Military History). A rare opportunity to discover and manipulate medieval artifacts and plunge yourself into the heart of the Middle-Ages as you learn how to handle greaves, brassards, cuisses, a Viking sword, mail and an arbalest with its quarrel in the Arsenal of Department of Ancient Arms and Armour (XIII-XVII centuries).

Free admission upon presentation of the museum ticket.

Photos credits : © Paris – Musée de l’Armée

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