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- 05 -152015

“One hundred years of photography in the French Armed Forces”. Twentieth episode. A photographic record of French military operations in Mali.

A photographer with ECPAD since 2011, petty officer Jérémy has been in Mali with other military reporters since 13 January 2013 as part of Operation Serval.

Un chef de groupe du 92e RI en action d'une prise à partie des soldats français à proximité du village de Teurteli, Mali, 14 mars 2013 © ECPAD / Second maître Jérémy

Bivouac de nuit à proximité du village d'In-Zekouan, Mali, 12 mars 2013 © ECPAD / Second maître JérémyTwo months after his arrival, he accompanies a group from the 92nd infantry regiment (RI) on patrol. Near the village of Teurteli, the infantrymen are attacked by enemy fighters and exposed to fire from assault rifles and rocket launchers. The French soldiers fire back under the watchful eye of Jérémy, who follows the operation closely. At the end of the encounter, he clicks the shutter at the exact moment when the leader of the section is shouting at his men to withdraw and disengage. When the curious infantrymen ask why he Un habitant du port de Korioume fait fumer sa moto pour fêter le départ des islamistes, Mali, 29 janvier 2013 © ECPAD / Second maître Jérémydid not flee or use his weapon, he answers that he feels safe with them and his role is to do his job while not putting them in danger.

“I wanted to document the tense faces, the atmosphere, pay tribute to the soldiers and show the full intensity of these phases”, he says later.

In more peaceful moments, he exploits all the possibilities of digital photography, capturing faint glimmers and shifting shadows in a starlit camp. He shoots moments of joy in Korioume, when a local man revs up his motorbike to celebrate the departure of the Islamists, but also the dismay of a bomb disposal expert in the centre of Goo, where a motorbike hides the body of a jihadist wearing a belt of explosives.

Centre-ville de Gao : à côté d'un démineur désemparé, la moto au sol cache le corps d'un djihadiste muni d'une ceinture d'explosifs, tué quelques instant auparavant, alors qu'il tentait un attentat-suicide © ECPAD / Second maître Jérémy

Photos credits : © ECPAD / Second maître Jérémy

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