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“One hundred years of photography in the French Armed Forces”. Fourteenth episode. The Beirut Barracks Bombings, October 23, 1983 by Joël Brun

The Lebanese civil war had already be going on for seven years when the west intervened in Beirut in 1982, as part of a UN peacekeeping force.

Le corps d'une victime de l'attentat du poste Drakkar a été trouvé dans les décombres. La dépouille est sur le point d'être emmenée sur un brancard afin de procéder à l'identification puis à la mise en bière, Beyrouth, 25 octobre 1983 © ECPAD / Joël Brun

Des grues déblaient les décombres du poste Drakkar pendant que les soldats français recherchent les corps des victimes et leurs effets personnels, Beyrouth, 25 octobre 1983© ECPAD / Joël BrunOn the morning of 23 October 1983, the eight-storey Drakkar building housing French troops was targeted by an attack that caused the deaths of 58 French parachutists and the Lebanese caretaker’s family. The  Les brevets parachutistes et les plaques d'identité des cinquant-huit victimes de l'attentat du poste Drakkar ont été retrouvés dans les décombres de l'immeuble, Beyrouth, 25 octobre 1983© ECPAD / Joël Brunsame day, another attack killed 250 American soldiers. Rescue workers searched the ruins of the building for four days and nights, looking for survivors and the bodies of the victims.

Like a forensic identification officer, Joël Brun, a military photographer, shows the attack site in detail, the search operations, the extraction and evacuation of bodies and the collection of clues to the victim’s identities. While collecting the parachutists’ badges and identity discs helped with identification, the photograph taken by Joël Brun also has a symbolic dimension of posthumous homage

Les gendarmes de la prévôté procèdent à l'identification des corps retrouvés dans les décombres du poste Drakkar. Equipés de masque à gaz, les gendarmes prennent les empreintes digitales des victimes et nettoient leurs plaies, Beyrouth, 25 octobre 1983© ECPAD / Joël Brun

Attributed to Hezbollah or Iran, the attack led to military reprisals, including the aerial bombardment of barracks in the Bekaa plain. The trauma was keenly felt in the French contingent and the memory remains bitter today; all the more so in that the reasons and method of the attack are still difficult to grasp. Western troops left Lebanon in 1984.

Photos credits : © ECPAD / Joël Brun

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