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- 09 -042015

In Honour and by Victory, fifteenth episode : The corvette “Aconit”

La corvette Aconit © musée de l’ordre de la Libération / DRThe Aconit was one of the nine Flower-class corvettes lent in 1941, by the Royal Navy, to the Force Navales Francaises Libres. Commissioned under Lieutenant de Vaisseau Jean Levasseur, FFS Aconit joined the Newfoundland Forces and took an active part in the Battle of the Atlantic, protecting convoys sailing from Canada to Great-Britain.

In December 1941, Aconit took part in the liberationLe général de Gaulle passe en revue l’équipage de l’Aconit lors de la remise de la croix de le Libération, Greenoch, 19 avril 1943 © musée de l’ordre de la Libération / DR of St Pierre and Miquelon. Assigned to Escort Group B-3 of the Mid-Ocean Escort Force, Aconit resumed convoy defence duties.

La corvette Aconit effectuant une opération de grenadage © musée de l’ordre de la Libération / DROn March 11, 1943, Aconit rammed and sunk U-boat, U-444. Twelve hours later, Aconit forced U-432 to the surface with depth charges and finished her off with gunfire and ramming. Following this exceptional feat of arms, the ship was awarded the Cross of the Liberation. In October 1943, under the command of Charles Le Millier, the ship resumed her participation in the Battle of the Atlantic and took part in the D-Day landing operations in Normandy. Aconit continued her depth charges operations until April 1945. Two years later, Aconit was returned to the Royal Navy.

Credits : © the Musée de l’Ordre de la Liberation / All rights reserved

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