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- 09 -292015

In Honour and by Victory, twenty second episode : N°1 French Fighter Squadron

№1 French Fighter Squadron – “Escadrille Française de Chasse n°1” (EFC1) was formed in Tobruk, Libya, on 9 April 1941. Its pilots were amongst the first to join the Free French Forces. During the hellish […]

- 09 -252015

In Honour and by Victory, twenty first episode : the 1st Regiment of Naval Fusiliers

The 1st Battalion of Naval Fusiliers (1er BFM) was formed in England in July 1940 as part of the Free French Naval Forces. This battalion participated successively in the Battle of Dakar, in September 1940, […]

- 09 -222015

In Honour and by Victory, twentieth episode : the 1st/3rd Colonial Artillery Regiment

General Leclerc embarked on his African epic-making journey in Kufra in March 1941, with only one French 75 mm field gun. His small unit was progressively reinforced in 1942 by six sections and, later on, […]

- 09 -182015

In Honour and by Victory, nineteenth episode : the Pacific-New Caledonia Marine Infantry Regiment

Greatly affected by the harshness of the fighting during the Battle of Bir Hakeim, the Pacific Battalion and the 1st Marine Infantry Battalion, having lost their respective commanding officers, merged to form the Pacific-New Caledonia […]

- 09 -152015

In Honour and by Victory, eighteenth episode : the 2nd Colonial Infantry Regiment

Formed in Syria in April 1942, the 2nd Free French Brigade (2e BFL) comprised over 3,000 men, most of them coming from Sub-Saharan Africa. The brigade experienced its first baptism of fire during the Second […]

- 09 -112015

In Honour and by Victory, seventeenth episode : the 2nd March Battalion

The 2nd March Battalion of French Equatorial Africa (BM2) was created at the end of 1940 at Bangui, in Central Africa. The battalion, made up of 800 Africans and French military officers, was one of […]

- 09 -082015

In Honour and by Victory, sixteenth episode : FFS Rubis

The Rubis, a French transporter-minelaying submarine featuring a length of 216 feet, joined the French Navy in 1933. When the war broke out, she was docked in Bizerte, Tunisia. On May, 1st, 1940, the Dundee-based […]

- 09 -042015

In Honour and by Victory, fifteenth episode : The corvette “Aconit”

The Aconit was one of the nine Flower-class corvettes lent in 1941, by the Royal Navy, to the Force Navales Francaises Libres. Commissioned under Lieutenant de Vaisseau Jean Levasseur, FFS Aconit joined the Newfoundland Forces […]

- 09 -012015

In Honour and by Victory, fourteenth episode : the 2nd Parachute Chasseurs Regiment

In 1940, upon his arrival in Britain, Captain George Bergé formed the 1st Air Infantry Company, an airborne commando unit. During the summer of 1941, some members of the company joined the French Central Bureau […]

- 08 -282015

In Honour and by Victory, thirteenth episode : the Normandie-Niemen Regiment

The 3rd Fighter Group Normandie (CG 3) was formed at Damascus in Syria in September 1942. In order to ensure that French servicemen serve on all fronts in the war, General de Gaulle suggested that […]

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