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- 09 -072015

Exhibition « Chevaliers et bombardes. D’Azincourt à Marignan, 1415-1515 »in less than a month

In less than a month, the musée de l’Armée invites you to discover medieval and Renaissance warfare with its new special exhibition “Chevaliers et bombardes. D’Azincourt à Marignan, 1415-1515”.

Starting October 7, 2015, travel back in time as you revisit the history of the great battles of the 15th and 16th centuries, an era which had a profound impact on French history. An era during which armies, war tactics and military institutions underwent great transformations and technical innovations. A journey through time, both spectacular and playful, including historic re-enactments and animated multimedia.
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Booking for guided group tours of the special exhibition are already open (20 to 25 persons per group – at € 12,90 per person).

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