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- 04 -032015

Exhibition ” Churchill – De Gaulle “

The countdown is now just 7 days before the opening of the Churchill – De Gaulle exhibition.

You will be able to steep yourself in the common destiny of two major historical figures through their personal belongings, archival documents and historic objects such as the French heavy tank Char B1 Bis and the British Infantry Tank Mark II also known as Matilda II, both used in combat during the Battle of France and which will presented on the north side of the Hotel national des Invalides. You can already buy your tickets at our ticket counters and online.

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Save the date!
It is already possible to book your seats for the film cycle devoted to the theme of the exhibition that will take place from June 4 to 8, 2015 where you will be able to savour a selection of five feature length films portraying Sir Winston Churchill and general de Gaulle. Free entry upon reservation, and subject to availability.

Book your spot for the Churchill-de Gaulle cinema cycle (in french)


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