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- 08 -212018

« 1918, armistice(s) », episode 7

Map depicting the locations of each armistice and front. © Paris, musée de l’Armée. An Italian soldier’s haircut. © Paris, musée de l’Armée The newspapers, which did not have enough illustrations to cover the event, […]

- 08 -072018

« 1918, armistice(s) », episode 3

To announce the signing of the Brest-Litovsk armistice, five photographs were chosen to feature in the Russian and German newspapers.  In the above photograph, which appeared in particular in French newspapers Le Miroir and Excelsior, […]

- 07 -312018

« 1918, armistice(s) », episode 1

Speech by Bethmann Hollweg to the Reichstag (German Parliament) before the deputies on 12 December 1916, during which he proposed, on behalf of the Central Empires (Germany, Austria-Hungary, Ottoman, Bulgaria), the start of peace negotiations. […]

- 07 -262018

« 1918, armistice(s) », introduction

Poster for the Libération loan, by Abel Faivre. This loan was ratified on 19 September 1918 and the subscription was taken out before and after the 11 November Armistice, from 20 October to 24 November […]

- 01 -302018

« A dedicated life »: introduction

As heroes of the Second World War, the Companions of the Liberation were awarded the highest French decoration by General de Gaulle for their part in the Resistance between 1940 and 1945: the Cross of […]

- 05 -272016

The “hyperbataille” of Verdun, twenty-eighth episode : Verdun and franco-german reconciliation

The picture of French President François Mitterrand and Federal German Chancellor Helmut Kohl standing hand-in-hand in front of the Ossuary of Douaumont on September 1984 became a strong symbol of the Franco-German Reconciliation. Chancellor Helmut […]

- 05 -242016

The “hyperbataille” of Verdun, twenty-seventh episode : the Verdun memorial

The Verdun Memorial emerged from a common vision of the veterans of Verdun who wished to build a «Temple of Remembrance» on the battlefield. The inscription for the Memorial’s entrance is from French writer and […]

- 05 -202016

The “hyperbataille” of Verdun, twenty-sixth episode : the Douaumont ossuary

The Douaumont Ossuary is one of the most powerful war memorials in France. The Ossuary was built on the initiative of one man: Marie André Charles Ginisty, Bishop of Verdun. Monseigneur Ginisty requested that a […]

- 05 -172016

The “hyperbataille” of Verdun, twenty-fifth episode : the myth of the “saviour of Verdun”

On 25 February 1916, General Philippe Pétain, attached to French General Staff as Commander of the Second Army, was ordered to save Verdun at all costs. After replacing him by General Robert Nivelle, General Joseph […]

- 05 -132016

The “hyperbataille” of Verdun, twenty-fourth episode : the selection of the unknown french soldier and Verdun

The constant heavy artillery bombardments that took place during the battle of Verdun had transformed the battlefield into a devastated corpse-ridden landscape scene of mass death and total destruction, a wasteland of mud full of […]

1 - 10 on 55 résults