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- 10 -022018

« 1918, armistice(s) », episode 18

Located on the Rhine, the bridge connecting Kiehl to Strasbourg is represented on the French side, guarded by machine guns laid on the ground and sentinels dressed in “horizon blue” and donning the Adrian helmet […]

- 09 -272018

« 1918, armistice(s) », episode 17

British troops entered the German town of Eupen (now in Belgium) on 1 December 1918. A summarily-fashioned Arch of Triumph was erected at the entrance to the city. The houses were not decked in flags, […]

- 08 -282018

« 1918, armistice(s) », episode 9

Infantry General Erich von Gündell, despite being initially announced, was ultimately withdrawn from the delegation. It was thus the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, Mathias Erzberger, Ambassador Count von Oberndorff, General von Winterfeldt, former […]

- 08 -232018

« 1918, armistice(s) », episode 8

To the left, “Workers and Soldiers Council walking the streets of Berlin”. On the right, “A worker announces the introduction of a medical car for the people shortly after the Republic was declared on 9 […]

- 08 -142018

« 1918, armistice(s) », episode 5

The American artillery and cavalry contributed to the success of the operations helped dismantle the Saint-Mihiel salient. These photographs from Le Miroir show: 1- a tank in action; 2- tanks coming in to replenish their […]

- 08 -022018

« 1918, armistice(s) », episode 2

Clemenceau holds firmly the arm of a woman wearing the Phrygian cap, allegory of France to move away from Paris bombed by enemy planes © Paris, musée Clemenceau. The Prince Sixte Bourbon-Parma in Belgian uniform and […]

- 10 -302017

Animals and war, episode 20 : The Eagle

Symbol of imperial power, the eagle was chosen by Napoleon I to adorn the standards of the Grande Armée. Looking to the left, the eagle is drawn up, the wings spread, one claw resting on […]

- 02 -212017

“France-Germany 1870-1871. War, Commune and Memories” : 13 April – 30 July 2017

Overshadowed as it is by the two World Wars, the war between France and Germany from 1870 to 1871 is a topic many French and German people are not familiar with, even though it represents […]

8 résultats