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- 09 -202017

Animals and war, episode 11: The cat

On this poster no human being is visible. British Mark tanks fire in all directions as they ride over the trenches and the barbed wire in No Man’s Land. An attacking cat leaps above the […]

- 09 -012015

In Honour and by Victory, fourteenth episode : the 2nd Parachute Chasseurs Regiment

In 1940, upon his arrival in Britain, Captain George Bergé formed the 1st Air Infantry Company, an airborne commando unit. During the summer of 1941, some members of the company joined the French Central Bureau […]

- 08 -282015

In Honour and by Victory, thirteenth episode : the Normandie-Niemen Regiment

The 3rd Fighter Group Normandie (CG 3) was formed at Damascus in Syria in September 1942. In order to ensure that French servicemen serve on all fronts in the war, General de Gaulle suggested that […]

- 08 -212015

In Honour and by Victory, eleventh episode : № 341 Squadron RAF – Fighter Group 3/2 “Alsace

The Fighter Group 3/2 “Alsace” was formed in Lebanon, in September 1941, to perform ferry flying missions. During the summer of 1942, the squadron took part in the defence of Alexandria, in Egypt. In January […]

- 08 -182015

In Honour and by Victory, tenth episode : № 342 Squadron RAF – Groupe de Bombardement n° 1/20 “Lorraine”

The Groupe réserve de bombardement n°1 (GRB-1) was formed in the French colony of Chad, in November 1940. It provided troop support for Leclerc’s men in the Kufra Oasis in Italian Libya and went on […]

- 08 -112015

« In Honour and by Victory », eighth episode: the 1st Colonial Artillery Regiment

In 1940, a small artillery group composed of volunteers of the Free French Forces, was formed in Britain. This small group was reinforced with colonial artillerymen from French Cameroons, headed by Captain Laurent Champrosay who […]

- 08 -072015

« In Honour and by Victory », seventh episode : the Marching Regiment of Chad

On 26 August 1940, the French colony of Chad and the Senegalese Light Infantry Regiment of Chad (RTST) rallied by the side of Free France. Composed of African “Tirailleurs” (riflemen), the regiment quickly became one […]

- 08 -042015

« In Honour and by Victory », sixth episode : The 1st Moroccan Spahis March Regiment

On 30 June 1940, the commander of the First Squadron of the 1st Regiment of the Spahis Light Cavalry, Captain Paul Jourdier, an officer who had rallied to the Free French cause, crossed the Lebanese […]

- 07 -282015

« In Honour and by Victory », fourth episode : the Companions of the Liberation from the BCRA: the French Central Bureau of Intelligence and Operations.

The Free French intelligence services were created in 1940 at the request of General de Gaulle, and placed under the command of André Dewavrin, an officer who took the alias Colonel Passy. The primary purpose […]

- 07 -242015

« In Honour and by Victory », third episode : five towns honoured with the title of Companion of the Liberation.

In France, awarding a distinction to a regional authority is an old tradition dating back to the First Empire. A town may be honoured when the evidence of the actions led by a large part […]

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