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- 09 -202017

Animals and war, episode 11: The cat

On this poster no human being is visible. British Mark tanks fire in all directions as they ride over the trenches and the barbed wire in No Man’s Land. An attacking cat leaps above the […]

- 12 -062016

Hear the Thunder of The Guns in the Cour d’Honneur of the Invalides on Saturday 10 and Sunday 11 December !

Come to the Hôtel des Invalides to celebrate Saint Barbara’s Day and watch spectacular artillery displays and demonstrations. In collaboration with the French School of Artillery of Draguignan, the musée de l’Armée, will host a […]

- 05 -272016

The “hyperbataille” of Verdun, twenty-eighth episode : Verdun and franco-german reconciliation

The picture of French President François Mitterrand and Federal German Chancellor Helmut Kohl standing hand-in-hand in front of the Ossuary of Douaumont on September 1984 became a strong symbol of the Franco-German Reconciliation. Chancellor Helmut […]

- 05 -242016

The “hyperbataille” of Verdun, twenty-seventh episode : the Verdun memorial

The Verdun Memorial emerged from a common vision of the veterans of Verdun who wished to build a «Temple of Remembrance» on the battlefield. The inscription for the Memorial’s entrance is from French writer and […]

- 05 -202016

The “hyperbataille” of Verdun, twenty-sixth episode : the Douaumont ossuary

The Douaumont Ossuary is one of the most powerful war memorials in France. The Ossuary was built on the initiative of one man: Marie André Charles Ginisty, Bishop of Verdun. Monseigneur Ginisty requested that a […]

- 05 -172016

The “hyperbataille” of Verdun, twenty-fifth episode : the myth of the “saviour of Verdun”

On 25 February 1916, General Philippe Pétain, attached to French General Staff as Commander of the Second Army, was ordered to save Verdun at all costs. After replacing him by General Robert Nivelle, General Joseph […]

- 05 -102016

The “hyperbataille” of Verdun, twenty third episode : the emblematic battle of Verdun

At the start of the battle, French troops put up a bitter resistance against Germany’s incredible will to triumph. At the same time, contemporaries sensed that this battle was bound to determine the course of […]

- 05 -062016

The “hyperbataille” of Verdun, twenty second episode : the destroyed villages of Verdun

In 1914, the rural area that was to become the geographical area of the Battle of Verdun had many small villages of 100 inhabitants each. All the residents of these villages were evacuated before the […]

- 05 -032016

The “hyperbataille” of Verdun, twenty first episode : the martyred city of Verdun

The first large-calibre projectiles that were fired on the city of Verdun on 21 February 1916, the first day of the Battle, caused untold damages. Two days later, all the remaining civilians were evacuated from […]

- 04 -292016

The “hyperbataille” of Verdun, twentieth episode : the city of Verdun, prior to the battle

The city of Verdun made history with the Treaty of Verdun signed in AD 843, the first treaty that divided the Carolingian Empire into three kingdoms. Although this historical event received only a passing mention […]

1 - 10 sur 29 résultats